Breathtaking 30 minute RIB tour of beautiful Brodick Bay, with unique views of the coastline, the Castle, Goatfell and the very special wildlife of sky, sea and shore.

Brodick Bay Trip

Tour the Bay to view the village from the sea and, closer to shore, to see the splendour of Brodick Castle and a very special view of the majestic Goatfell peak, the highest point on Arran.

Keep a beady eye out for a Golden Eagle soaring on the thermals as we skip through the waves to reach Merkland Point. This is where we always hope to see magnificent sea mammals.

Half an hour of complete joy, wonder and fascination.

Important Note – We aim to be as inclusive as possible and wish to support everyone with all backgrounds and abilities to enjoy this tour. Unfortunately, we need to set a minimum age of 14 and exclude people who are pregnant and anyone with an existing back or neck disorder on health grounds.


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