A RIB trip from beautiful Brodick to captivating Corrie including lunch option at the charming Corrie Hotel.

Brodick to Corrie Excursion

Enjoy 30 minutes of sheer wonder over the water on our RIB, Sea Eagle. What a wonderful landscape to view as you go and these are the waters where dolphins and whales like to explore too.  When you arrive at Corrie you have three hours to enjoy the village and time to have lunch at the most hospitable and historic Corrie Hotel.

You make your own way back to Brodick and can do this using the Stagecoach bus service. The 15 minute bus journey allows you time to reflect on the fun and fascination of your day.

Important Note
We aim to be as inclusive as possible and wish to support everyone with all backgrounds and abilities to enjoy this tour. Unfortunately we need to set a minimum age of 14 and exclude people who are pregnant and anyone with an existing back or neck disorder on health grounds.


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